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  • Life and Death - The Song of The Night

    Alternative : 黑夜之歌 (Chinese); Song of the Black Night; Life and Death: The Song of The Night (English); Life and Death - Hei Ye Zhi Ge
  • Author(s): Ying Qi
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Horror - Mystery - Manhua
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 217,525
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  • rate : 4.77/ 5 - 26 votes

Life and Death - The Song of The Night summary:

Human beings always thought that they are the only intelligent lifeform, but that is not true. This there are lots of things happening in the world that human science is unable to explain, within the human world, feral humans are appearing, they look human but they are a threat to the human species. they have been named " Sha / Evil " human being are totally unable to deal with these "Sha/ Evil" before "sha/Evil" was known to the general population, a group of mysterious individuals formed an enforcement department - Song of the black night

Life and Death - The Song of The Night Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 13 Feb-19-18
chapter 12 Feb-19-18
chapter 11 Oct-19-17
chapter 10 Oct-19-17
chapter 9 Oct-19-17
chapter 8 Oct-19-17
chapter 7 Jun-18-17
chapter 6 Jun-18-17
chapter 5 Jun-18-17
chapter 4 Jun-18-17
chapter 3 Jun-18-17
chapter 2 Jun-18-17
chapter 1 May-10-17
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