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Rave Master summary:

In 0015, Dark Bring, dark rocks that bestowed strong magic with their possessors with distinct skills corrupts the planet. The Raregrove Kingdom uss the Dark Brings, as well as the Symphonia Kingdom and their strong five Rave Stones battle against them. Shiba Roses, the primary Rave Master, tries to ruin Sinclaire, the "mother" of all the Dark Brings, with the Ten Commandments Sword-the DecaForce Sword. But, the consequences causes a huge explosion called "Overdrive", ruining one tenth of the known universe. Shiba, guarded in the tragedy by Plue, a particular guard "dog" who guarded him from the blast, retains onto the Rave needed to strength his sword. The five remaining fragments of Rave as well as Plue, nevertheless, get scattered all over the world. Shiba spends another fifty years searching for the remaining rave hoping as well as Plue to ruin the dark provides.

Fifty years later, sixteen-year old Haru Glory lives with his older sister Cattleya on the peaceful Garage Island. Haru inadvertently fishes upwards Plue. A number of terrorists in the Demon Card organization seem to eliminate Shiba, although Shiba arrives wanting to retrieve Plue. Shiba tells Haru that he's the next Rave Master, entrusting him with Plue the Ten Commandments Sword and his Rave. Seeking strength to overcome Demon Card, Plue and Haru trigger on a trip to seek out the Rave stones that were lacking. Haru be-friends a woman named Elie, who does not have any memory of her earlier upon coming to Hip Hop Island. Throughout their trip, Haru experience enemies from Demon Card who finally becomes his allies, including Sieg Hart and Shuda. Haru after meets a different number of allies, including Hamrio Musica, grandson of a nearby blacksmith; Let Dahaka and Julia, 2 who seem human but are are actually of the Dragon Race; Griffon Kato, a strange blue creature and Plue's buddy; Ruby, a penguin as well as a casino operator; Belnika, a mage who had been considered in order to command Etherion[clarification required], but it was confirmed to be untrue; and Niebel, Sieg's near pal. He also sees Gale "King" Raregroove, the king of the Raregroove Kingdom and leader of Demon Card. On the Tower of Din, ending Demon Card and Haru reunites together with his absent dad Gale Glory to get the better of King. Gale sacrifices himself to save his son from the destruction of Din although they win.

Some time after, Lucia Raregroove, King's son, seems, restoring Demon Card. He wants to get the magic energy concealed Etherion, within her physique to be used by Elie. Haru's team also understand of the mythical creature called Endless which threatens world by inducing another Overdrive and will only be ruined with Etherion while additionally facing his forces and Lucia. Endless is absorbed by using all Sinclaires Lucia. The goal of Lucia will be to ruin the world that's in fact a parallel measurement made by his descendent with Etherion his household was cursed because of this and after a plague destroyed the initial. After locating all Raves, Elie utilizes Etherion to join them all. To be able to prevent another Overdrive, his buddies and Haru match his most powerful enemies in Star Memory and Lucia. Although Lucia is defeated by Haru, convinces and Endless Elie absorbs him to ruin it even if it means getting his lifestyle. One yr after, the others as well as Elie and Haru's grave, where she recovers her memories see. Haru reunites with all the Rave Warriors and seems living thanks to the magic of the Star Memory. The warriors go their different ways, and Elie and Haru reunite to Garage Island to dwell together.

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chapter 190 Jan-20-16
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