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The Descending Moon at the Foot of the Mountain summary:

A warm story of healing on a road hidden among the mountains. Here is where the tale of a female spirit of the stratum, the many layers of earth and rock, and one man begins.

The Descending Moon at the Foot of the Mountain Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 32 Dec-02-17
chapter 31 Nov-27-17
chapter 30 Nov-27-17
chapter 29 Nov-27-17
chapter 28 Nov-15-17
chapter 27 Nov-13-17
chapter 26 Oct-30-17
chapter 25 Oct-30-17
chapter 24 Sep-07-17
chapter 23 Aug-26-17
chapter 22 Aug-21-17
chapter 21 Jul-25-17
chapter 20 Jul-09-17
chapter 19 Jun-20-17
chapter 18 May-26-17
chapter 17 May-26-17
chapter 16 May-18-17
chapter 15 Apr-27-17
chapter 14 Apr-23-17
chapter 13 Apr-04-17
chapter 12 Apr-04-17
chapter 11 Mar-22-17
chapter 10 Mar-09-17
chapter 9 Mar-09-17
chapter 8 Feb-28-17
chapter 7 Feb-22-17
chapter 6 Feb-12-17
chapter 5 Feb-04-17
chapter 4 Jan-27-17
chapter 3 Jan-27-17
chapter 2 Jan-20-17
chapter 1.3 Jan-17-17
chapter 1.2 : 0.2 Jan-16-17
chapter 1.1 : 0.1 Aug-23-17
chapter 00a Jan-10-17
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