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Wizardly Tower summary:

A powerful grand wizard named, “Raim” reappears after a millennium because of a failed experiment. While sets out to regain his lost tower, he meets “are” and “ere” who have been trafficked as slaves... a combination of a weird grand magician who only uses his wits to make money and the cute, lovable brother and sister of the miao tribe! Their endless adventure is beginning to unfold. Editorial staff’s comment Will Raim be able to regain his lost tower?! 

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Wizardly Tower Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 59 Aug-12-17
chapter 58 Aug-10-17
chapter 57 Jul-07-17
chapter 56 Jul-04-17
chapter 55 Jun-24-17
chapter 54 Jun-04-17
chapter 53 Jun-03-17
chapter 52 May-31-17
chapter 51 May-25-17
chapter 50 May-22-17
chapter 49 Apr-15-17
chapter 48 Apr-11-17
chapter 47 Dec-09-16
chapter 46 Nov-12-16
chapter 45 Nov-08-16
chapter 44 Oct-30-16
chapter 43 Oct-21-16
chapter 42 Oct-16-16
chapter 41 Oct-05-16
chapter 40 Oct-05-16
chapter 39 Sep-22-16
chapter 38 Sep-07-16
chapter 37 Sep-05-16
chapter 36 Aug-26-16
chapter 35 Aug-26-16
chapter 34 Aug-10-16
chapter 33 Aug-02-16
chapter 32 Jul-26-16
chapter 31 Jul-19-16
chapter 30 Jul-15-16
chapter 29 Jul-08-16
chapter 28 Jun-21-16
chapter 27 Jun-14-16
chapter 26 Jun-07-16
chapter 25 May-31-16
chapter 24 May-24-16
chapter 23 May-16-16
chapter 22 May-09-16
chapter 21 May-02-16
chapter 20 Apr-25-16
chapter 19 Apr-18-16
chapter 18 Apr-12-16
chapter 17 Apr-05-16
chapter 16 Apr-04-16
chapter 15 Apr-04-16
chapter 14 Apr-04-16
chapter 13 Apr-04-16
chapter 12 Apr-04-16
chapter 11 Apr-04-16
chapter 10 Apr-02-16
chapter 9 Apr-02-16
chapter 8 Apr-02-16
chapter 7 Apr-01-16
chapter 6 Mar-31-16
chapter 5 Mar-30-16
chapter 4 Mar-29-16
chapter 3 Mar-28-16
chapter 2 Mar-24-16
chapter 1 Mar-24-16
chapter 0 Mar-24-16
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